Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages created

The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, created in 1970, is in a way the protector of Canadian citizens with respect to official languages.

Its mandate: To ensure that federal institutions comply with the Official Languages Act and to promote English and French throughout Canada.

The current Commissioner, Raymond Théberge, has been in this role since January 2018. Seven other commissioners have previously been appointed: Keith Spicer (1970-⁠1977), Maxwell Yalden (1977-⁠⁠1984), D’Iberville Fortier (1984-⁠⁠1991), Victor Goldbloom (1991-⁠1999), Dyane Adam (1999-⁠⁠2006), Graham Fraser (2006-⁠⁠2016) and Ghislaine Saikaley (2016-⁠⁠2018).

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