La tournée
bonjour my friend! tour

Touching the heart of a great country

From April 15 to June 21

As part of La tournée bonjour my friend! tour, our ambassadors traveled across Canada. At each destination, they have met students, professionals, public servants and community groups. Each event included a discussion where audience members are encouraged to share their own views on linguistic duality, as we look to the future of our country together.

Meet the ambassadors of the La tournée bonjour my friend! tour

Laura Lussier

Born and raised in Winnipeg, a city she still calls home, Laura Lussier is a Franco-Manitoban actor, producer, director, TV personality, writer and success coach. She proudly works, lives and creates in both official languages.

Shaunpal Jandu

A first-generation Canadian, Shaunpal Jandu is a trilingual consultant and graphic designer. He has had a profound love of language and communication since he was young. He has worked extensively with the federal government, in the private sector, and with the pan-Canadian organization Canadian Parents for French.

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