What is it?

Why was the Official Languages Act adopted?

The Official Languages Act was adopted to

  • recognize the equal status of English and French with respect to their use in institutions of Parliament and the government of Canada.
  • protect the rights of official language minority communities and ensure their development and vitality.
  • enable Canadians to benefit from federal services in the official language of their choice.

Why is linguistic duality important for Canada and for each and every Canadian?

Linguistic duality is important for Canada and for each and every Canadian because it is...

  • at the heart of our identity.
  • a source of pride and meaningful action for the community across the country, from coast to coast to coast.
  • a source of vitality for official language minority communities.

How does linguistic duality affect us in everyday life?

In everyday life, linguistic duality...

  • promotes collaboration and dialogue between both official language communities.
  • makes it possible to appreciate the cultural vitality of both language groups through film, music, literature and theatre.
  • encourages the importance of second-language education.

What is the future of linguistic duality in Canada?

The future of linguistic duality in Canada is...

  • a promising commitment to increased proficiency in official languages across the country.
  • an openness to others and a unifying force that will benefit Canada, which will only stand out better on the world stage.
  • greater tolerance and respect for particularities so that official language communities can continue to flourish.
  • the cornerstone of our identity, which is constantly enriched by ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • a song whose music and lyrics adapt in unceasing harmony to the ever-changing tapestry woven by the flow of time.

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